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For better and more democratic schools

Sweden’s student councils – SVEA believes in better and more democratic schools. We want better education, better work environment, school democracy and a more fun school experience at all schools. Do you agree? Then your student council should be a member of Sweden’s student councils – SVEA.

We have realized that the students are the ones who know best what it is like to be in school and that their opinions are worth taking seriously. This is the reason behind our strong belief in student councils. But the work of a student council is hard and demands a continuous student perspective and a great ability to turn an idea into reality. 1994, a couple of student councils realized that it was easier to succeed if they worked together – and Sweden’s student councils – SVEA was formed.

To create a better and more democratic school you sometimes need to change laws. That’s why we represent the students and student councils in the political arena. We pursue the school related questions and issues that students believe are the most important. Today, most students are aware of their responsibilities and obligations in school, but few know their rights. To counter this, we actively work with spreading information and knowledge about students’ rights to everyone active in our schools.

About the organization

Sweden’s student council – SVEA is a co-operative organization of and for student councils in the last years of compulsory school (grundskolan) and in upper secondary school (gymnasiet). The foundation of the organization is the dedication and volunteer work of our driven “student council developers” from all over Sweden, and our office with its employees in Stockholm. Since student councils are not affiliated with any religion or political party, Sweden’s student council – SVEA is too. The only policies we pursue and argue for are those our members have decided we should pursue.

We operate in five areas:

  • Students’ rights
  • Development of student councils
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Lobbying
  • National events


If you want to read more about what we do, for example what the national events are all about, click here.